Lost in Space Derelict and Jupiter 2 Model Kit

Lost in Space DerelictThe Derelict is one of the more memorable crafts from Lost In Space. Long after the second episode, sharp-eyed fans could find it doing double duty as other props, like part of the Andronican machine that created Daddy Zach in "His Majesty Smith" or the automated prison ship Vera Castle in "Condemned of Space".

With the 50th Anniversary of Lost In Space comes renewed interest in the show and lucky for modeling enthusiasts, that means more models! Just released from Moebius is the Lost In Space Derelict model from the second episode and it comes with a wee little Jupiter 2. The Derelict can be built with the rear bay close or open (so the Jupiter 2 can enter). The Jupiter 2 model can be posed in flying mode or with the landing gear down. I have heard that this kit is for more experienced builders and needs glue (obviously) and paint to finish. I don't know if there is yet a lighting kit for this model like there is for the recent Moebius Jupiter 2 model.

You can order The Derelict model from Entertainment Earth, Things From Another World, or Amazon.

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