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[Sticky] Rules

Daddy Zach
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  1. Be nice. This is a family friendly forum, so keep it clean. If the Robinsons wouldn't say it, perhaps you shouldn't either.  😉 
  2. Lively discussion and debate are fine. Name calling and harassment isn't. If you're found to be calling names and harassing other members, you will get one warning. If you do it again, you'll be banned.
  3. No discussion of politics.  That's the quickest way to devolve the discussion into the need for Rule #2. Just don't do it.
  4. No derogatory statements about the cast of the show. 
  5. We're mostly a site for the classic series, but we allow discussion of the reboot (praise AND valid criticism), the horrible 1998 movie ( 😆 ), and all related incarnations. But, please, post in the appropriate forum. Don't post about the reboot in the classic series forum, etc. If you can't find an appropriate forum, please contact us or post a suggestion in the Suggestion Box forum.

As long as everybody's respectful, we'll get along just fine. We reserve the right to update these rules as the need arises. I know some of you sneaky Smith-types will find loopholes.  🤣 


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