Marta Kristen

Marta_KristenBorn: February 26, 1945 – Oslo, Norway

Birth Name: Birgit Annalisa Rusanen
Height: 5'4″

Birgit Rusanen was left at an orphanage at the young age of 2. She was the daughter of a Finnish mother and German soldier who died near the end of World War II. She was adopted by Prof. & Mrs. Harold Soderquist of Detroit, Michigan in 1949, brought to America, and her name changed to Martha. Her name would be changed again, to the more European sounding “Marta”, when she started her career in show business. As an aspiring actress, her first roles were in such shows as Alfred Hitchcock Presents and The Loretta Young Show, but her first big break came in Beach Blanket Bingo, where she played the mermaid “Lorelei”. Her signature role, however, was as Judy Robinson in Lost In Space. She is still acting on occasion, but spends most of her time with family and attending the occasional convention to meet with her fans.

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