Vintage Collectibles and Memorabilia

The following collectibles and memorabilia were released back during the original run of the show and subsequent revivals of interest (i.e. the 1998 movie and milestone show anniversaries). Many of these items are no longer for sale in retail outlets but can still occasionally be found on eBay.

1965 Lost In Space Board Game

Produced in 1965 by Remco Industries, this board game allowed players to embark on space adventures, mirroring the show's themes of space exploration and survival. Players would navigate a path through the galaxy, facing various challenges and obstacles, much like the Robinson family did in the series. The game included elements like dice rolling, strategy, and chance, making it an engaging activity for fans of the show.

1966 Lost In Space Switch N Go Playset

1966 Lost In Space Switch 'N Go Playset

Use master pump to force air through 45 feet of tube track, switch the motorized space chariot, or activate a rocket-firing mechanism. Space ship, robot, and tv heroes included.

Lost In Space Lunch Box

1967 Lost In Space Lunch Box

Produced in 1967 by Aladdin Industries, this lunchbox features vibrant artwork depicting scenes and characters from the show, including the Robinson family and the iconic Robot. The lunchbox was made of metal and came with a matching thermos. It remains a sought-after collector's item, appreciated for its nostalgic value and representation of the pop culture of the era.

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