Lost In Space: The Complete Adventures with Limited Edition Molded Robot Package [Blu-ray]


Last updated on June 15, 2024 11:49 am
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The original hit sci-fi series Lost in Space, comes to Blu-ray in this limited edition B-9 Robot molded collectible packaging. This massive 18-disc set contains all 84 episodes remastered in high definition, and over six hours of exciting extras with recently discovered content you won’t find anywhere else in the galaxy. It’s out-of-this-world fun for everyone! Highlights include commentaries on classic episodes with the original cast, 50th anniversary interviews with the original series cast and hours of archive footage for the true “Lost in Space” aficianado. In addition, the Blu-ray includes an exclusive table read of Bill Mumy’s unproduced 1980 epilogue script, featuring Mumy, Angela Cartwright, Marta Kristen, Mark Goddard and more!

Additional Features

  • 50th Anniversary Interviews with Original Series Cast Members
  • Original Cast Reunion Performance of Bill Mumy’s 1980 Unproduced Script, LOST IN SPACE: THE EPILOGUE
  • Vintage Versions of 4 Original Network Episodes (AS SEEN ON AIR in the 1960s with Original TV Commercials and Bumpers)
  • 1973 Animated Special
  • 20th Anniversary Audio Interview with Lost in Space Series Creator Irwin Allen
  • 2 Full-Length Lost in Space Documentaries
  • Original Animated Series Concept Pitch Video
  • Unaired Series Pilot Episode: “No Place to Hide”
  • Original Network Commercials, Vintage Cast Interviews AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!

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