No Place To Hide (Unaired Pilot)

The unaired pilot for Lost In Space has many differences and many similarities to "The Reluctant Stowaway", the aired pilot. The most glaring difference is the lack of the Robot and Dr. Smith. As for similarities, much of the footage from the Lost In Space unaired pilot is used in other first season episodes, including "The Reluctant Stowaway".

The unaired pilot episode of "Lost in Space" is also titled "No Place to Hide" and served as the original introduction to the series before it was reworked and broadcast in a slightly different form as "The Reluctant Stowaway". This unaired pilot was produced in 1965, and while it shares some similarities with the later broadcasted pilot, there are notable differences.

In this unaired pilot, the premise is similar: The United States is launching the Jupiter 2 spacecraft on a mission to colonize a new planet. The Robinson family, consisting of Professor John Robinson, his wife Maureen, and their three children Judy, Penny, and Will, are on board, along with pilot Major Don West.

However, one of the most significant distinctions in this version is the absence of Dr. Zachary Smith, the saboteur character who plays a prominent role in the broadcasted series, and the B-9 Robot. Instead, the unaired pilot focuses more on the family dynamics and the challenges of space exploration.

The unaired pilot primarily centers around the Robinsons as they launch into space and encounter various technical and interpersonal issues along the way. While there are still elements of danger and suspense, the tone is somewhat different from the more adventure-oriented broadcasted version.

Ultimately, "No Place to Hide," the unaired pilot, provides a unique glimpse into the early development of the "Lost in Space" concept and characters. It offers a different perspective on the Robinson family's journey into space, emphasizing the challenges they face without the presence of the iconic antagonist, Dr. Smith, who would later become a central figure in the series.

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