Season 1

The first season of Lost In Space is widely regarded by fans as the best, with the first 5 often mentioned as the finest episodes of the show.

Nowhere To Hide (Unaired Pilot) - Earth's first family in space faces trials and tribulations as they become lost on their way to colonize a planet circling Alpha Centauri. Smith and the Robot are noticeably absent.

The Reluctant Stowaway - A saboteur reprograms the Robot to destroy the Jupiter 2, but gets trapped aboard at launch. The Jupiter 2 is damaged, but survives and becomes hopelessly lost in space.

The Derelict - The crew of the Jupiter 2 encounters a seemingly derelict space ship that dwarfs the Jupiter 2.

Island In The Sky - Professor Robinson attempts to scout a desolate planet, but his parajet rockets fail. Major West attempts to land on the planet to search for the Professor, but the Jupiter 2's rockets also fail and the ship crash lands.

There Were Giants In The Earth

The Hungry Sea

Welcome Stranger

My Friend, Mr. Nobody

Invaders From The Fifth Dimension

The Oasis

The Sky Is Falling

Wish Upon A Star

The Raft

One Of Our Dogs Is Missing

Attack Of The Monster Plants

Return From Outer Space

The Keeper: Part 1

The Keeper: Part 2

The Sky Pirate

Ghost In Space

War Of The Robots

The Magic Mirror

The Challenge

The Space Trader

His Majesty Smith

The Space Croppers

All That Glitters

The Lost Civilization

A Change Of Space

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