Electronic Lost In Space Antimatter B9 Robot Coming This Year!

Lost In Space B-9 Robot Antimatter Electronic Action FigureLast year, for the Lost In Space 50th Anniversary, fans were delighted with a new Electronic Lost In Space B-9 Robot, as well as a Golden Boy edition. Well, fans will be able to add one more Robot to their collection. The Electronic Lost In Space Antimatter B9 Robot is on its way from Diamond Select Toys later this year.

Like the original Diamond Select Toys Robot, the Antimatter B-9 Robot is 10" tall, has posable arms, twisting torso, and wheels. The Antimatter Robot will feature dialog from "The Anti-matter Man" episode. Quotes include, "This is the opposite world," "So you're the goody-goody one," and I" don't need help from you, punk - get lost!"

You can pre-order now at Entertainment Earth or Amazon.

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