Fan Fiction

Have a Lost In Space story you'd like to contribute to this site? Contact us! All stories here are posted with the permission of their authors. Many of these can also be found in the Lost In Space sections of and

Pot Shot - by LadyNRA
Smith and Don are trapped together and have to rely on each other to survive.

Fortunate - by Dr. Zachary Smith
For once, the Robinsons are fortunate they have Dr. Zachary Smith aboard.

The Search For Justice - by LadyNRA
Members of the Jupiter Two find themselves on trial by alien beings. Warning: character death.

What's To Become Of Doctor Smith? - by Dr. Zachary Smith
Smith wakes up from a bout of alien flu to find that the Jupiter 2 has landed on an unknown planet, the Robot is incapacitated, and the Robinsons and Major West appear to have been taken by force. Can Smith find them and rescue them?


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