Lost In Space Comic #6 Available For Pre-Order

The Lost In Space comic adventures come to an end in the 6th and final volume, concluding the Malice In Wonderspace storyline.

Sentenced to have their heads chopped off, Will, Penny, Doctor Smith, and the Robot either have to find a way out of the Queen of Hearts' dungeon or a way out of the dimension all together – and the key to the latter might be a few words contained in a silly rhyme. But will it get them out in time?

Like all the previous comics so far, this comes with two covers, one illustrated and one photo. Lost In Space Vol. 6 will be out in October.

Click to Order

Click to Order

Lost In Space Comic #3 Available For Pre-Order

The third issue of the new Lost In Space comic is now available for pre-order. Like the first two issues, there is an “A” cover and a “B” cover, “A” being an illustrated cover and “B” being a photo cover. Pre-Order by clicking on the photos below. They should ship by the first week of April.

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