What’s to Become of Doctor Smith?

Any Lost In Space fan knows that Dr. Zachary Smith started out as a diabolical, competent spy and saboteur. During the run of the series, Smith eventually became cowardly, bumbling, and silly, though still immensely lovable. In this story, Smith is put into a situation where he has to dig up those old talents again and mix the coward with the diabolical. Let's see what happens.

Originally posted on FanFiction.net by Dr. Zachary Smith.

What's To Become Of Doctor Smith?

Smith wakes up from a bout of alien flu to find that the Jupiter 2 has landed on an unknown planet, the Robot is incapacitated, and the Robinsons and Major West appear to have been taken by force. Can Smith find them and rescue them?

Chapter 1: Alone
Chapter 2: Robots & Ruminations
Chapter 3: Rocket Man
Chapter 4: Together Again
Chapter 5: A Mutually Beneficial Proposition
Chapter 6: Dreams & Nightmares
Chapter 7: A Call To Action
Chapter 8: Conspiracies
Chapter 9: Fools Rush In 
Chapter 10: Caged
Chapter 11: Trial & Tribulation
Chapter 12: A Verdict Is Reached
Chapter 13: Best Laid Plans
Chapter 14: Fight or Flight
Chapter 15: A Matter of Time
Chapter 16: It's All In The Execution
Chapter 17: Second Chances
Chapter 18: Means To An End
Chapter 19: Careful Preparations
Chapter 20: Cloak & Dagger
Chapter 21: The Less You Know, The Better
Chapter 22: Exodus
Chapter 23: Freedom!
Chapter 24: Family Reunion
Chapter 25: Fond Farewells
Chapter 26: The Truth According To Doctor Smith

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