Lost In Space 50th Anniversary Blu-Ray Collection Unboxing

I got my Lost In Space 50th Anniversary Blu-Ray collection on Tuesday, September 15th! Yep, exactly on the 50th anniversary of Lost In Space. I had to document the auspicious occasion, so I took photos of the unboxing. I will be digging into and reporting on all the extras here as I view them. But, first thing's first...


Some of those who've ordered from FoxConnect have complained that their boxes came smashed. I was fortunate that, while they shipped it in a too small, very snug box, mine was in good condition. That said, for those of you concerned about such things, it might be best to purchase from Amazon, as they usually package items for shipment properly and if there are issues, their customer service is great.

A few small nitpicks about the packaging... rather than have information printed directly on the back of the box, there is a glued on full-color flyer, which, if you're not careful, could easily get folded or torn. And as for the blu-rays themselves, they're in sleeves. I would have preferred plastic cases. In fact, I'm going to store them in plastic dvd cases to protect them for years to come.

bluray2Inside the main box, there are three boxes, one for each season. In the boxes are the sleeves holding the dvds. Be careful as you pull them out, as fingerprints or scratches may cause the blu-rays to skip or freeze. The sleeves have information on which discs have which episodes and special features. The graphics are great. The dvds are in pockets on BOTH sides of the folded sleeves (took me a minute to figure out why I could find only 40 or so episodes). Here are some photos of the sleeves (both sides). As I said, you may want to remove the discs carefully and store them in plastic cases.

This is what's in the box, the three seasons of discs, a poster of the Robot's schematics, a small version of the final draft of The Reluctant Stowaway, and large trading cards of all the characters.


Below are the dvd sleeves opened up so you can see the graphics and information on them.

bluray8 bluray7 bluray9 bluray10 bluray11 bluray12

The collection also comes with large trading cards for each of the characters. The graphics are crisp and bright, very excellent. And, of course, there's information about the character on each as well.



The final draft of the script for The Reluctant Stowaway is interesting, as there are little bits in the script that aren't readily apparent in the show itself as it was filmed. For example, there were scenes that weren't filmed that show that Smith didn't kill the guard (which has been a matter of debate for some time). I haven't had time to fully read the script yet, but I look forward to it.

Here is a shot of the poster with the technical details of the Robot. It's a shame it's folded, but it's still a great little addition to the collection.


As for the extras, they're fantastic! It's more than any Lost In Space could have ever hoped for and we owe a big debt of gratitude to Sheila Allen and Kevin Burns for making it possible. There are interviews with the cast, the Biography episode featuring Jonathan Harris, episodes with original commercials, the original bumpers for the show, Bob May's home movies on the set, cast commentary on several select episodes, and of course, the Epilogue table read, which I admit I watched first and will watch again.

The Epilogue was an amazing, satisfying, and very emotional experience. I won't spoil any of it except to say I think you'll be very happy with it. No one could ever fill Jonathan Harris' shoes, but Kevin Burns did a fantastic job. Everyone did.

The Lost In Space 50th Anniversary Blu-Ray collection is a MUST HAVE for any Lost In Space fan.

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