New Lost In Space Stories

smithandwestWe've added a few more Lost In Space fan fiction stories since the last announcement (over 2 years ago!).

There are two stories that were written long ago, but the author gave me permission to add them to this site. They were originally on the old and now defunct LIS Australia website. They are The Search For Justice and Pot Shot (which can also be found in LIS fanzines). And then we have a new short story, The Airlock.

The Search For Justice - The crew of the Jupiter 2 find themselves on the wrong side of intergalactic law once again. Will one of them pay the ultimate price?

Pot Shot - When Don's shortcut turns into a nightmare, he and Smith are trapped in a system of caverns full of hostile alien life. Will they help each other survive or beat each other to a pulp?

The Airlock - When Smith betrays the Robinsons, he learns actions have consequences.


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