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New Lost In Space Stories

We've added a few more Lost In Space fan fiction stories since the last announcement (over 2 years ago!). There are two stories that were written long ago, but the author gave me permission to add them to this site. They were originally on the ...

New Lost In Space Fan Fiction: Fortunate

Here's another Lost In Space fan fiction story, Fortunate. It's no secret I enjoy certain aspects of the first season Smith. He started off as the flight surgeon for the Jupiter program, performing physicals and tests on the crew and clearing them ...

New Fan Fiction Story: Oasis Revisited

Here is a story that gives a little explanation for some of the sillier episodes of the show. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! It's titled Oasis Revisited and you can read it here.

New Story – What’s To Become Of Dr. Smith?

A new fan fiction story, What's To Become Of Dr. Smith?, has been added to the fan fiction section. Dr. Zachary Smith finds himself alone on an unknown planet, the Robinsons and Major West having been captured by aliens. Can Dr. Smith find them and ...

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