Lost In Space: The Art of Juan Ortiz

Lost In Space: The Art of Juan Ortiz is now available for pre-order! This book contains all the retro-styled posters for all 84 of the classic Lost In Space episodes. The artwork may look familiar, as Juan Ortiz has also created posters for the original Star Trek series as well. This art book comes in hardcover and is available August 7, 2018, but you can pre-order now.

Want some idea of what's in it? Check out our post about the character posters also included in this collection.

Pre-order Now!

B-9 Robot Tin Windup Toys Available For Pre-Order

I just happened upon some new Lost In Space products due to be released in April of 2018. They are tin windup toys of the B-9 Robot. I believe these may reproductions of earlier toys. The B-9 tin windup toys come in both a silver and a blue version. The B-9 Robot Tin Windup Toy features a sparking feature in the chest and lower dome and a strong walking mechanism. Robot stands 9-inches tall and features translucent blue top dome and metal antennas. Excellent craftsmanship and detailing in all aspects of this robot, including tin radar dish inside his dome, plus his arms are expandable and bendable and give this robot great character and expression! Wonderful classic artwork of robot walking through galactic space storm on his planet created by Justin Volpe.


Lost In Space The Lost Adventures Volume One

Irwin Allen Lost In Space HC Vol. 01 Lost AdventuresThe first few Lost In Space The Lost Adventures comic books comprising the Curious Galactics storyline have been compiled into a hardback volume.

In addition to the three issue comic, volume one also includes Carey Wilbur's original script pages (along with handwritten notes), technical specifications of the Robot and Jupiter 2, the various covers for the 3 issues, and concept art.

It's great having the entire storyline bound in a hardback format. I'm hoping they'll do the same with the Malice In Wonderspace storyline and since this is Volume One, it's a distinct possibility.

If you haven't already gotten the comics, but want to, get this hardback version instead because of all the extras you get! Check out the photos I took of my own copy below.

The Lost In Space Lost Adventures Volume One is available for purchase at Things From Another World.


Lost In Space The Lost Adventures sam_0823 sam_0824 sam_0825 sam_0826



What Lost In Space Means To Me

reluctant_stowaway1Lost In Space debuted fifty years ago today on September 15, 1965. I was not around then, having been born a few years after the show ended. But, as a child, I recall watching Lost In Space in syndication, along with many other classic tv shows (although they weren't old enough to be considered “classic” by then). Already having quite a vivid imagination, Lost In Space was tailor made for kids like me. As with all my favorite tv shows, I would make up my own adventures (or mis-adventures) for Dr. Smith, Will, the Robot, and the Jupiter 2 crew.

Eventually, Lost in Space stopped showing in syndication in our area and I forgot much of it, except Tybo the talking carrot. Who could forget that? With shows like Lost In Space (and That Other Show) fueling my curiosity, I eventually pursued a career in the fields of aerospace and computer technology.

Fast forward several decades. I found myself laid off from my job and with plenty of time on my hands. My husband had just purchased the season 1 dvd set of Lost In Space. I remembered the show fondly, so of course, I decided to become reacquainted with it. In short order, I fell madly in love with it all again and we collected all the dvds. But, I wanted more. So, I began searching the internet for Lost In Space groups and fan fiction.

I was happy to see that the love for Lost In Space was alive and well in Yahoo Groups, websites, Facebook groups, and on Twitter. There were also some great fan fiction stories that continued the adventures of the Robinsons, Major West, and their reluctant stowaway, Dr. Zachary Smith. And being an unabashed fan of Dr. Smith, I thoroughly enjoyed stories where he was the focus. One author, in particular, wrote Smith the way I would write him (if I had written any stories then), so I set out to make contact. It took some research and a few dead ends, but eventually I found the author and made contact. We became fast friends, having plenty in common. I now consider her one of my best and closest friends. I have also met several other great friends online who love the show.

Even within the fandom, there are folks who love to hate Smith or certain episodes. While I definitely have my favorites, I love the show in all its early dramatic black and white glory and even the ridiculousness of the later color seasons. The Great Vegetable Rebellion? It's ridiculous… and I LOVE IT!

There isn't another show quite like it and there never will be again. It's a product of the times. Lost In Space has entertained me, sparked my imagination, taught me lessons about love and redemption, and brought me great friends. Not to mention teaching me a vast vocabulary and an array of alliteratives. Not bad for just a tv show.

You can purchase the Lost In Space 50th Anniversary Blu-ray collection here. I'll be doing an unboxing and review once I get my copy!

The Lost In Space Cast Reflects On The 50th Anniversary at Comicon

lost-in-space-ew-comiconFour members of the surviving Lost In Space cast (Bill Mumy, Angela Cartwright, Mark Goddard, and Marta Kristen) reunited at Comicon this weekend in San Diego to celebrate the upcoming 50th anniversary of the show. The cast reflected on the show and promoted the upcoming release of Lost In Space on bluray. Bill Mumy and Angela Cartwright also revealed they are working on a book of archive photos from Lost In Space. Marta Kristen just finished filming a pilot, Ageless. And, of course, Mark mentioned his great autobiography, which you can get at Amazon. Watch a quick interview with the Lost In Space cast at Comicon here.

Some other great news to report from Comicon, Bill Mumy won an Inkpot award which is given for an individual's contributions to the worlds of comics, science fiction/fantasy, film, television, animation, and fandom services.

Comicon photos on Angela Cartwright's Facebook Page

Comicon photos on Bill Mumy's Facebook Page


New Videos Added

zorro_guy_williamsWe've added quite a few new videos to the site. There are interviews of the cast, a fan's pitch for a Lost In Space Animated Series, the Biography episode of Jonathan Harris, Guy Williams' screen test, an interview with Guy's family, the G.E. Theater episode Blaze of Glory with Jonathan Harris and Lou Costello, the Lights Out episode Devil in Glencairn with Jonathan Harris, and the Zorro episode The Mountain Man starring Guy Williams and guest starring Jonathan Harris.

Archive of American Television Interviews With Bill Mumy

billmumy_olderWe've just posted the full five hours of interviews that Bill Mumy did with the Archive of American Television in September of 2013. He discusses his early career on shows like The Twilight Zone, what it was like to work with the late, great Jonathan Harris, his role as Lennier on Babylon 5, and his musical career and his group Barnes & Barnes.

Every Lost In Space fan will want to watch these interviews.

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