B-9 Robot Golden Boy

B-9 Robot Golden Boy EditionDiamond Select Toys has released a Lost In Space B-9 Robot Golden Boy edition of its popular Electronic Lights and Sounds B-9 Robot. It is exclusive to Newbury Comics. Like the regular version, it lights up and features audio clips from the series. The B-9 Robot Golden Boy edition includes exclusive "Golden Boy" dialog from the "Cave of the Wizards" episode and its torso and treads are painted in gold. With the push of a button, you can hear the Robot say the following phrases:

  • "From now on, I'd appreciate it if you would call me Golden Boy."
  • "I am a cybernetic hero."
  • "Watch it, I do not like grubby hands on my suit of gold!"

The bubble on the B-9 Robot Golden Boy edition can be raised and lowered. The claws can be opened and closed and the torso can be moved left or right for easy posing. There are wheels on the bottom of the treads so Golden Boy can move around freely.

Now, all serious Lost In Space collectors need is a "Cave of the Wizards" Great Onyak edition of the Dr. Smith action figure, perhaps with a special cave playset, complete with giant eye and jelly brain thing. A fan can dream, right?

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