Lost In Space Remastered For the 50th Anniversary?!

Word comes from the Lost In Space Yahoo Groups that Sheila Allen has financed the cost of remastering the show in HD over the last two years. All that remains to get this great show on dvd for its 50th anniversary is to convince Fox to produce the dvds. Kevin Burns and Space Productions would like your input on aspect ratio, DVD vs. Blu-Ray, bonus features (cast commentary, the Lost in Space Forever Special, etc.), and anything else you can think of, so be sure to leave some comments on the Lost In Space HD YouTube video.

You can view a sample of the restored footage below.

  1. I would love to see this remastered. I have them all on DVD but would gladly upgrade for the HD version. I recommend DVD as it’s more common and would keep the cost down. Can’t wait!

    • Why DVD? The episodes have been remastered in high definition, so why transfer them to a standard definition media? Doesn’t make sense. DVD is dead…Bluray is the latest medium and before long it will all be HD streaming, so DVD is a pointless outdated disc that has had its time. Having said that, I can’t wait to see these fantastic remasters asap!

  2. I have been a huge fan of this series since it premiered in 1965 when I was 10. If the only thing 20th Century Fox has to do is press the DVD’s / Blu-Ray, surely they have to know they’ll recoup their investment the day this hits the streets, or by today’s standards, Amazon. com. The aspect ratio should be the way the Producer & Director’s wanted us to see them & not monkey with the 35MM prints. This wasn’t a movie shot in Panavision, it was for TV & I want nothing cropped. Plus include interviews, out takes, any making of, this was Irwin Allen & he did things differently & CBS Promos which I know do exist. Since the music was so unique for this show, which I fell in love with, you can even isolate the score as the episode progresses. Thanks to Lionel Newman, Johnny Williams, as he was then billed, Mullendore, to name a few. Keep the original airing copies when the voice over would say, “Lost In Space, brought to you by…” and the mid way point of the episode with the 5 second show logo along with the music cue. You have fans like me, who know this show backward, forward & diagonally, who even know the dialogue before it is spoken, who will know if you messed up & made errors. Since Irwin’s widow Sheila Matthews Allen financed this project, you owe it to her, Mr. Allen & the fans to do a First Class job here. You’ve been handed so much detail regarding this show on a silver platter, here’s your golden opportunity to do a superlative job. I don’t own a Blu-Ray player as of yet, but when this show DOES get released on Blu-Ray, I’m running right out to get one. Thank you, Mike

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