Electronic Lost In Space Antimatter B9 Robot Coming This Year!

Lost In Space B-9 Robot Antimatter Electronic Action FigureLast year, for the Lost In Space 50th Anniversary, fans were delighted with a new Electronic Lost In Space B-9 Robot, as well as a Golden Boy edition. Well, fans will be able to add one more Robot to their collection. The Electronic Lost In Space Antimatter B9 Robot is on its way from Diamond Select Toys later this year.

Like the original Diamond Select Toys Robot, the Antimatter B-9 Robot is 10″ tall, has posable arms, twisting torso, and wheels. The Antimatter Robot will feature dialog from “The Anti-matter Man” episode. Quotes include, “This is the opposite world,” “So you're the goody-goody one,” and I” don't need help from you, punk – get lost!”

You can pre-order now at Entertainment Earth or Amazon.

Lost In Space Comic #3 Available For Pre-Order

The third issue of the new Lost In Space comic is now available for pre-order. Like the first two issues, there is an “A” cover and a “B” cover, “A” being an illustrated cover and “B” being a photo cover. Pre-Order by clicking on the photos below. They should ship by the first week of April.

Lost in Space Derelict and Jupiter 2 Model Kit

Lost in Space DerelictThe Derelict is one of the more memorable crafts from Lost In Space. Long after the second episode, sharp-eyed fans could find it doing double duty as other props, like part of the Andronican machine that created Daddy Zach in “His Majesty Smith” or the automated prison ship Vera Castle in “Condemned of Space”.

With the 50th Anniversary of Lost In Space comes renewed interest in the show and lucky for modeling enthusiasts, that means more models! Just released from Moebius is the Lost In Space Derelict model from the second episode and it comes with a wee little Jupiter 2. The Derelict can be built with the rear bay close or open (so the Jupiter 2 can enter). The Jupiter 2 model can be posed in flying mode or with the landing gear down. I have heard that this kit is for more experienced builders and needs glue (obviously) and paint to finish. I don't know if there is yet a lighting kit for this model like there is for the recent Moebius Jupiter 2 model.

You can order The Derelict model from Entertainment Earth, Things From Another World, or Amazon.

B-9 Robot Golden Boy

B-9 Robot Golden Boy EditionDiamond Select Toys has released a Lost In Space B-9 Robot Golden Boy edition of its popular Electronic Lights and Sounds B-9 Robot. It is exclusive to Newbury Comics. Like the regular version, it lights up and features audio clips from the series. The B-9 Robot Golden Boy edition includes exclusive “Golden Boy” dialog from the “Cave of the Wizards” episode and its torso and treads are painted in gold. With the push of a button, you can hear the Robot say the following phrases:

  • “From now on, I'd appreciate it if you would call me Golden Boy.”
  • “I am a cybernetic hero.”
  • “Watch it, I do not like grubby hands on my suit of gold!”

The bubble on the B-9 Robot Golden Boy edition can be raised and lowered. The claws can be opened and closed and the torso can be moved left or right for easy posing. There are wheels on the bottom of the treads so Golden Boy can move around freely.

Now, all serious Lost In Space collectors need is a “Cave of the Wizards” Great Onyak edition of the Dr. Smith action figure, perhaps with a special cave playset, complete with giant eye and jelly brain thing. A fan can dream, right?

Buy the B-9 Robot Golden Boy Edition

It’s a Great Time To Be a Lost In Space Fan!

Lost In Space 50th Anniversary ReunionLost In Space's 50th Anniversary has brought renewed interest in the show and that means so many wonderful things for fans, from personal appearances of the remaining cast to new models, dvds, books, and so much more.

The year started off with 50th anniversary reunion at the Hollywood Show at the end of January. Bill Mumy, Angela Cartwright, Marta Kristen, Mark Goddard, and June Lockhart were all there to greet fans, sign autographs, and take pictures.

February saw the release of an issue of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine featuring a 30 page Lost In Space 50th Anniversary spread, full of rare photos, information about the show, and interviews with the cast. If you didn't get a copy, they're sometimes available on eBay.

In April of this year, the Diamond Select B-9 Robot was released. The Robot stands 10″ high, includes working lights on his chest and in his bubble, and says about a dozen of the Robot's phrases, including the infamous “Danger, Will Robinson!” April's also when pre-orders for the 50th anniversary blu-ray opened up and you bet I jumped on that opportunity. 🙂

At the beginning of July, the cast (sans June Lockhart) reunited at Comicon in San Diego and had a blast, as usual. A series of comic books based on the unfilmed Lost In Space fourth season scripts was announced. And, at the end of July, the cast was supposed to be at Galacticon in Seattle. Well, that was sort of disastrous. But some of you got to see Mark Goddard and Marta Kristen and made the best of a horribly managed convention.

In September, on the exact anniversary of the premier of the show, we saw the release of the Lost In Space 50th Anniversary blu-ray collection. It was such a gift to fans from Sheila Matthews Allen, Kevin Burns, and the cast and crew of the show. It's chock full of extras and is a MUST for any Lost In Space fan. It's what we've all been waiting for and, boy, was it worth the wait. Check out my unboxing here. And, of course, many of us celebrated the 50th anniversary by watching The Reluctant Stowaway.

There was a lot going on for Lost In Space fans in October. We celebrated Launch Day on October 16th and what a fun day that was! Many of you, like us, watched The Reluctant Stowaway (again… any excuse, right?) or had a mini-marathon to celebrate the show. The Chariot replica (put together by John Antonellis and company) showed up at Chiller Theater Expo to the delight of fans and cast members alike. Maybe next he'll make a working Space Pod! We can only hope! Lost And Found In Space BookThere were two new great releases for Lost In Space fans, the Lost In Space 50th Anniversary Soundtrack Collection and a book of photos from the Fox archives, put together by Bill Mumy and Angela Cartwright titled “Lost (and Found) In Space“. The La-La Land Records 50th Anniversary Soundtrack Collection is a 12 CD set of all the Lost In Space music. (I'll have an unboxing post up about that soon.) It comes with a 104 page booklet full of archival photos, art, and information. It's a limited edition collection, just 1500 copies. You can order at the La-La Land Records website. The “Lost (and Found) In Space” book can be ordered through their website. In addition to the book, you can also order the bonus package which includes a cast photo autographed by Bill and Angela, replicas of bumper stickers and pins given out to the cast and crew, and a Lost In Space tote bag. The book is not yet available on Amazon.

Lost In Space John Robinson Action Figure With JetpackIn November, the Executive Replicas John Robinson action figure is being released. This amazingly lifelike and highly detailed 12″ action figure is a bit on the pricey side, but it comes with season 1 outfit, blue hooded parka, helmet, jetpack, first season laser pistol, third season laser pistol, and a ton of other accessories.

And, of course, November belongs to Jonathan Harris. Fans remembered the anniversary of his passing on November 3rd. Then, on his birthday, Bill Mumy, Angela Cartwright, Marta Kristen, Mark Goddard (who flew in as a suprise), and Kevin Burns all got together at the Fox Commissary to wear Jonathan's ascots and drink his favorite drink, Tanqueray gin with a splash of red Dubonnet, three lemon wedges, light on the ice. What a wonderful way to remember such an original, one-of-a-kind gentleman. It was also heartwarming to see all the wonderful tributes to him on social media that day.

Coming in December, there will be a really cool (and really expensive) first season, full scale laser pistol replica signed by Bill Mumy. Oh, how I wish I had the money… Please, Santa. 🙂

It truly is the best time to be a Lost In Space fan. Or, as Dr. Smith might say, “Oh, joy! Oh, bliss! Oh, Crepes Suzette!”





Lost In Space 50th Anniversary Blu-Ray Collection Unboxing

I got my Lost In Space 50th Anniversary Blu-Ray collection on Tuesday, September 15th! Yep, exactly on the 50th anniversary of Lost In Space. I had to document the auspicious occasion, so I took photos of the unboxing. I will be digging into and reporting on all the extras here as I view them. But, first thing's first…


Some of those who've ordered from FoxConnect have complained that their boxes came smashed. I was fortunate that, while they shipped it in a too small, very snug box, mine was in good condition. That said, for those of you concerned about such things, it might be best to purchase from Amazon, as they usually package items for shipment properly and if there are issues, their customer service is great.

A few small nitpicks about the packaging… rather than have information printed directly on the back of the box, there is a glued on full-color flyer, which, if you're not careful, could easily get folded or torn. And as for the blu-rays themselves, they're in sleeves. I would have preferred plastic cases. In fact, I'm going to store them in plastic dvd cases to protect them for years to come.

bluray2Inside the main box, there are three boxes, one for each season. In the boxes are the sleeves holding the dvds. Be careful as you pull them out, as fingerprints or scratches may cause the blu-rays to skip or freeze. The sleeves have information on which discs have which episodes and special features. The graphics are great. The dvds are in pockets on BOTH sides of the folded sleeves (took me a minute to figure out why I could find only 40 or so episodes). Here are some photos of the sleeves (both sides). As I said, you may want to remove the discs carefully and store them in plastic cases.

This is what's in the box, the three seasons of discs, a poster of the Robot's schematics, a small version of the final draft of The Reluctant Stowaway, and large trading cards of all the characters.


Below are the dvd sleeves opened up so you can see the graphics and information on them.

bluray8 bluray7 bluray9 bluray10 bluray11 bluray12

The collection also comes with large trading cards for each of the characters. The graphics are crisp and bright, very excellent. And, of course, there's information about the character on each as well.



The final draft of the script for The Reluctant Stowaway is interesting, as there are little bits in the script that aren't readily apparent in the show itself as it was filmed. For example, there were scenes that weren't filmed that show that Smith didn't kill the guard (which has been a matter of debate for some time). I haven't had time to fully read the script yet, but I look forward to it.

Here is a shot of the poster with the technical details of the Robot. It's a shame it's folded, but it's still a great little addition to the collection.


As for the extras, they're fantastic! It's more than any Lost In Space could have ever hoped for and we owe a big debt of gratitude to Sheila Allen and Kevin Burns for making it possible. There are interviews with the cast, the Biography episode featuring Jonathan Harris, episodes with original commercials, the original bumpers for the show, Bob May's home movies on the set, cast commentary on several select episodes, and of course, the Epilogue table read, which I admit I watched first and will watch again.

The Epilogue was an amazing, satisfying, and very emotional experience. I won't spoil any of it except to say I think you'll be very happy with it. No one could ever fill Jonathan Harris' shoes, but Kevin Burns did a fantastic job. Everyone did.

The Lost In Space 50th Anniversary Blu-Ray collection is a MUST HAVE for any Lost In Space fan.

Buy Now!

Lost In Space Blu-ray Available For Pre-Order!

lis_bluTo celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Lost In Space, the entire series is being released on Blu-ray on September 15, exactly 50 years from the premiere of the show. FoxConnect.com announced today that the collection is available for pre-order. The 18 disc collection includes all 83 episodes, plus the unaired pilot “No Place To Hide”, fully re-mastered in high definition, and over 6 hours of bonus material:

– 50th Anniversary Interviews with the Original Series Cast
– Vintage Versions of 6 Episodes AS SEEN ON AIR in the 1960’s with Original TV Commercials and Bumpers
– LOST IN SPACE: THE EPILOGUE – Original Cast Table Read of Bill Mumy’s (Will Robinson) 1980 Unproduced Epilogue
– 1973 Animated Special
– 20th Anniversary Audio Interview with Lost in Space Creator Irwin Allen
– 2 Full-Length Lost in Space Documentaries
– Original Animated Series Concept Pitch Video
– And much more!

Pre-order the Lost In Space 50th Anniversary Blu-ray collection. It's currently 50% off and if you sign up for their newsletter, you'll get a coupon code worth 30% off. That means instead of $199.99, it'll be $69.99!

For more information on the bonus material, check out ComingSoon.net.

Update: This was a limited time offer. The 30% coupon will be honored for those who were able to use it, but the coupon is no longer available for use. The 50% pricing was for Wondercon only. But stay tuned, after the collection is released, it generally drops in price shortly after. The collection is also now available for a reduced price on Amazon.com.


Lost In Space 50th In Famous Monsters #278

fmoflcoverThe #278 issue of Famous Monsters of Filmland is out now and features a fantastic Lost in Space painting by Terry Wolfinger. Inside are rare photos and stories from behind the scenes of the show. NOTE: The Lost In Space cover is for the subscriber version of the publication. The version on newstands and in comic book stores has The Walking Dead on the cover.

Get your own copy of Famous Monsters #278 with Lost In Space at 50.

The First Lost In Space Minimates Due To Arrive at San Diego Comic-Con!

LostinSpaceMinimatesDiamond Select Toys has a new line of Minimates based on Lost In Space. The first minimates, Dr. Smith and the Robot, will arrive as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. Each figure is 2 inches tall and has interchangeable parts and accessories. Dr. Smith comes with multiple heads to show off his myriad of interesting expressions (we always knew he was two-faced). Read more here. You can also pre-order at Entertainment Earth.

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