Judy Robinson Cast In Lost In Space Reboot

Taylor Russell Cast as Judy Robinson in Lost In Space RemakeAccording to Deadline.com, Falling Skies alum Taylor Russell has been cast as the new Judy Robinson in the Netflix reboot of Lost In Space. Historically, Judy Robinson was a blonde bombshell, originating with Marta Kristen in the 60's tv show and continuing with Heather Graham in the ill-fated 1998 movie. This change has understandably upset long time fans of the show, who wonder what other changes from the established canon are in store. Many cite the changes made in the 1998 movie, where the Robinsons were remade into a dysfunctional family, nothing like the close-knit family of the show. Fans have expressed that they don't want that in the remake, so any changes to the established canon on the show understandably brings apprehension.

We're trying to keep an open mind, but we can't help but remember what Jonathan Harris said about the 1998 movie. Paraphrasing, he said that if they don't mess with what made the show a success, the movie will be successful. Well, we all know how that turned out… a dysfunctional mess. There is plenty of room for new and diverse characters in the Lost In Space universe, we just respectfully ask Hollywood to not mess with the core values and established characters that made the show so great. With Kevin Burns' previous comment about the Robinsons having to deal with aliens in addition to their own “personal demons”, we can't help but get the sinking feeling this will be 1998 all over again.

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