Three Years Lost In Space By Mark Goddard

Mark Goddard has just released a new book titled “Three Years Lost In Space”. Obviously, it's all about his time on the show. It includes anecdotes about his relationships with fellow cast members, comments on the episodes, and personal thoughts on the show.

Three Years Lost In Space

Three Years Lost In SpaceMark covers every episode with his own thoughts and also the invented thoughts and dialogue of his character Don West. This adds a fun and interesting perspective. “Don” discusses his desire to clock Smith. He expresses his disappointment that the Robinsons keep forgiving Smith after all he's done. He discusses his reluctance and final decision to rescue Smith from Athena and certain doom. Don also expresses his wishes for some alone time with Judy, something the CBS execs put an end to.

Also included is a special chapter in tribute to the memory of Guy Williams called “The John and Don Show”. There are several pages of behind the scene photos and beautiful drawings of the cast as well. This book was really written with the fans in mind. It's a fun read and one every Lost In Space fan should get. You can order now at Amazon. Mark also released a book a few years ago called “To Space and Back: A Memoir” that I'd equally recommend.


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